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Pallet Jacks

new mighty lift pallet jacks

The most used tool in small and large warehouses across the world. These Pallet Jacks are the most cost-efficient way to move pallets from one side to the other. Simply made but works well with minor maintenance.

Used Racking

Used Pallet Racking System

Our warehouse is full of ready to ship storage racking to your warehouse facility. We make sure each of our used uprights and beams are compliant to be re-used. Everything shipped from us will have our guarantee that it’s 100% safe.

Used Forklifts

used mightlift stacker

There’s a collection of used forklifts that we refurbished and checked to make sure the lift operates perfectly. Getting a used forklift will fit your budget and save time since we are ready to ship. Ask for a quote, these go quick!


forklift rentals

Don’t need a forklift for a long period of time? We have our rental fleet available for a week to a few months. Get a great deal on shorter rentals to complete the job in a quick manner.

New Racking

new pallet racking

Our warehouse is full of ready to ship storage racking to your warehouse facility. We have new and used storage racking systems and we also have a full service installation team on stand by

New Forklifts

new forklifts

We have new forklifts in stock. These are very reliable and lasts for years to come. A big investment but will last a long time.

Boltless Shelving

boltless shelving

Do you need a small parts department? The boltless shelving are great for hand stacking if parts are not palletized. This can be installed in the warehouse or inside of an office space.

Safety Barriers

Make sure that each one of your employees are safe from accidents. We carry safety equipment to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone.


WireCrafter Fences

Your materials may be high value and we are able to safely secure it with wirecrafter cages or chainlink. This comes with a keylock that can easily be used for access.