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WireCrafters creates the best woven and welded wire partitions and cages for a number of uses. The system is modular for ultimate flexibility, with multiple options for security and safety. 

The products below are a sampling of the customizable offerings from WireCrafters. Contact us for your specific use case and we will coordinate a custom quote. 

Wire Partitions & Cages

Like all WireCrafters products, wire partitions and cages are flexible and modular. You can use a partition anywhere in your business or facility as a physical separation. Similarly, wire cages create a contained space in your specific use case. Contact us to provide details about your space and we will provide you with a custom estimate.

Machine Guarding

Protect your personnel and surround your automatic equipment with WireCrafters machine guarding system. By containing your dangerous machinery, you are creating a physical barrier between your employees and the machines. This system is modular, so you can design and configure it for any equipment in any size space.

Storage Lockers

If you have equipment of any size that you or your personnel need to securely store, we will customize storage lockers for your location. WireCrafters storage lockers are a perfect solution for tenant storage in common areas, technician/driver lockers, military storage such as for tactical gear, and mounted garage storage above parked cars. The options are limitless!


Install guard rail systems throughout your facility around corners and any areas that need protection from moving equipment. We provide full customization and installation. Available from 1′ to 10′ in single and double rail configurations. These railings from WireCrafters can withstand an impact of a 10,000 pound load moving at 4 mph.

Pallet Rack Safety Systems

Secure valuable inventory and keep personnel safe using pallet rack safety systems from WireCrafters. To prevent theft, Pallet Rack Security Cage Enclosures completely enclose your existing racks using premium wire mesh panels that are securely clipped to the racks. To prevent items from falling off of racks, RackBack Pallet Rack Backing Safety Systems create a sturdy barrier attached to the back of your existing racks.