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Our cantilever racks are perfect for oversized products that cannot fit on pallet racks. Some examples include PVC pipes, rebar, struts, light fixtures, wood products and most raw materials that exceed normal pallet racking.

Free consultation available! Our experts can stop by your warehouse to give you a free consultation regarding what cantilever would work best for your products.

How to Order Cantilever System

1. Single or Double Sided?
2. Height of Cantilever
3. Size of Base & Arms should be the same length
4. Brace sets (spacing between columns)

Single sided upright cantilever

Single Sided Upright Cantilever

Double sided upright cantilever

Double Sided Upright Cantilever

Single sided upright cantilever

Cantilever over 12’ will need additional sets. (Please call for more information.)

Brace Sets (Cantilever)

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